Yay! My Laptop is Back from the Dead!

My laptop’s been dead for the past 2 days. I don’t even know how I survived that long without internet at home. Fortunately, I get a good dose at my work, but it’s just not the same to have your own personal computer to manipulate and abuse.

I’ve done small sketches, but nothing really major and all on paper. Seeing as how I lack a scanner (read between the lines as: I’m too lazy to use the scanner in another room far away from mine) I’m not uploading them. More updates to come…I hope.

Anyways, my laptop died on me. No wait, that’s wrong. My charger died on me. I dropped my computer one day from my bedside table which is about 3 feet high and it landed on the connection between the charger and the charging port. It worked fine for about a month and then it started getting issues where I had to insert the charger a certain way in order for my laptop to charge. And then it started to flake out on me where it would charge but if I touched it just a little, it’d stop charging. Not only that, it wouldn’t charge if inserted all the way in, it had to be partially out. Then just three days ago it died. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t charge. I tried to jiggle and wiggle it, but just wouldn’t charge.

In the last precious minutes I had, I went to amazon and quickly bought a new one….Which turned out I had shipped it to my school address which is about an hour away. I had to pick it up. Go figure.

Lesson learned? Double check the shipping address.


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