Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Staff

Since I haven’t been using this blog for any purpose lately, I’ve decided to reuse it as a journal of the progress I’ve made is my cosplay(s) and then eventually the final product.

My cosplay project for the next couple of months is Hextech Janna, who I’ve already cosplayed before. Once at PAX East 2012 and the second time at Otakon 2012. (You can find pictures at my dA gallery:

So I’ve been working on my cosplay v2.0 of Hextech Janna in some of the free time I have. My previous cosplay isn’t at the quality I want it to be and so more time and money has to be put in to make it even better.

The staff is getting a revamp. Almost everything is being changed to it and I couldn’t be happier. Something or other was off about it and I hated how it looked in photos. I’ve been using the 3D-model viewer online to get a good reference of the character and the staff. I want to focus on the tubes that come out of the staff. The staff had holes that I made from the very beginning and they’re not 100% accurate, but I can work with it.

I bought 6″ of string lights online for about $9 + shipping and handling for Otakon 2012 and the 6″ tubing I had bought for PAX East 2012 are finally being put to proper use. Back then I couldn’t figure out how to get the tubing into the holes since the holes are just a little bit smaller than the tubing diameter. Now, I figured out an ingenious and quick way to solve that problem: cardboard. YEP. Cardboard rolled up to fit perfectly in the tube and in the hole of the staff so I can use it to connect the two. The most difficult part was to get the stupid string of lights into the tubing. It took some time, but eventually they went in. Below is a picture of my staff now.


Since the lights were only 6″ long and this staff is 6″+ curving the lights will reduce the amount that will actually get seen. So in the future, I’m going to cut the lights and extend the wire to the right length so that I utilize the entire thing. Thankfully my school has all the machines I could possibly need. (and then sometimes not)

I’ve also been remaking the top part of the staff. (Refer to pictures in my dA gallery). This time I’m using Styrofoam to make the top. Since Styrofoam had lots of holes I thought to use a jar of Gesso I had to cover up the holes and then I’d sand it down to make a nice smooth surface.


The process took sooooo long. I had to put a layer, wait for it to dry, put down another, and repeat. I probably got about 10 layers before I thought to cut the frame so that the diameter was smaller and closer to what I had originally. Originally the diameter of the base of the top of the staff was 7″ in diameter. This time it was 10″. The difference was too drastic and I had to cut it to 8″ in diameter.

Cut off part

Cut off part

Part being used. Currently baking to dry the Papier-mâché.

Part being used. Currently baking to dry the Papier-mâché.



So I was thinking the Gesso process was taking too long and that maybe Papier-mâché would be faster. Only one way to find out. So that’s what I’m doing currently. Waiting for the Papier-mâché to dry lol.

More updates to come later.


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