Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Making the Corset Pattern


I traced my pattern and cut it out. It wasn’t easy though. I didn’t have tracing paper so I was trying to figure out so many ways to get my lines onto another piece of paper. I also didn’t have plain white paper. I had yellow graphing paper.

So what I did was take my itouch, downloaded a flashlight app for the screen…


and put my itouch underneath my pattern. I taped the graph paper on top to make sure it doesn’t slide around as I’m tracing. I used regular tape. The only problem is that it doesn’t adhere to the masking tape very well and came off easily.



After I got all the pieces on a paper, I cut it up. All the seam allowance will be added when you cut out the fabric.



Now I just have to figure out how to get my pattern onto the fabric. I’ve worked with these fabric before and it’s not easy to mark with a regular pen or permanent marker especially since it’s a dark color. I might have to invest in chalk…


Left is the top layer and right is the lining. You should also have a padding layer if you plan to wear the corset often.


It looks like leather, but it’s fake. It’s more like picnic fabric material


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