Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Drafting a Corset

After my failure with the head of my staff base, I decided to draft out my cosplay. Originally I didn’t have paper large enough to make my draft and I gave up making the draft. Then I realized…I had masking tape! Using the masking tape I laid it down on my table to form a homemade paper. It had to be at least 20″ x 14″


The tutorial I used to make my draft:

It’s accurate and I’ve used it in my old fake-corset. In the old one I only used a layer of fabric. No lining, no boning. This time, I’m trying to make it more durable and have less duck tape lol.



Now the masking tape paper is stuck to my table. I had to figure out a way to lift it up and not lose everything. Fortunately I placed down one row of horizontal tape at the bottom of the paper which allowed the vertical masking tape to stick together. This was through no insight beforehand that I’d have a difficult time lifting it off the table. I was just that lucky to have done it. So from the bottom, I lifted up the tape and then stuck masking tape to the bottom of it to seal off the sticky side.


Here you can see the sticky side at the bottom, near the table. I had to lift up the “paper”, hold it down so that it didn’t stick back to the table, take out a strip of masking tape, and stick it on.


Now I have a nice masking tape paper of the draft for my corset. All I have to do now is get paper to get the pattern off the paper (you don’t want to cut up the draft you made so you can make more in the future if you need to).

This project took up a LOT of masking tape. The masking tape I had was super old so no one was going to miss it, but I think the stickiness is just as good as a brand new masking tape. So you should be able to do this as well if you ever find yourself stuck with paper that isn’t big enough (or no paper in general) and have a roll of masking tape.



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