Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Making the Corset Part 2

My boning and bone casing came in yesterday. Was SO freakin’ happy. I ordered it online at for the first time. I had to measure the length of the boning as I ordered since I didn’t want to buy a roll of boning, cut it, and then tip it. This site will pre-tip it for you if you ask for a specific boning length. Awesome! The price for everything was great (at least I think it is…not sure since it’s my first time purchasing such things) and shipping time was fast.


I already worked on some of my corset so the pictures here is what is left over of the bone casing and what a spiral bone looks like.

So I did tons of research on corset, corset making, what boning to use, etc. I decided to get spiral boning which is flexible and sturdy. I didn’t know where to place the bone casing or how to use it so I watching this video: which gave me enough information to work with it. Some further corset making information helped: and then I was good to go.

IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0308

Being the crappy sewer that I am, a lot of the lines were not perfect. The result was that it looked awful up close and laying down on something. But when I held it up to form around my body, I thought it looked decent. Now all I have left is to make the modesty panel for the front, insert some gourmets, add straps, and add embellishments.


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