Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Staff Head Base

I haven’t been posting my updates as quickly as I should. This was done a couple of days ago.

I enlisted my boyfriend to help me do this part. For two reasons:

1) The last time I used an Exacto knife I cut off the tip of my pinky.

2) Something for him to do. He’s not as enthusiastic about cosplay as I am unfortunately.


Picture of him carving away all the hot glue from my old staff head base.

I went to A.C. Moore and Loew’s (the easiest craft and hardware store to get to at the time) to get supplies. For the staff head base I got two 7″ wooden stitching hoops which I used just the inside hoop. And then hot glued each inside hoop together. Then I took my old base and glued it together with that.



Old on top and new on bottom now glued together.


This was the old base with the top. The bottom has already been pulled off.


Old base.

  The reason I elevated the height was so I could hide battery packs a lot better. Before, my battery pack could just barely fit in there as it was a last minute addition. What I plan for the new base is to hide everything electrical in it lol. It’s going to get a coating of gesso and then spray painted brown. Then a middle strip would be painted blue.


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