PAX East 2013: Hextech Janna

Hello friends!

I only had the Friday pass for PAX East and I had such a blast. I met so many of my old friends and made some new. The swag was also amazing. I spent much of my time at the League of Legends booth, but not as much as last year. I used more of my time to browse other booths and get more swag lol. I do wish I had a 3-day Pass, so I promised myself that next year I will get a one.

I cosplayed as Hextech Janna for the entire time on the exhibitor floor from 10 AM – 6 PM. My boyfriend and I had to get a ride from my school to Boston with one of my friends who had a morning shift at our school’s booth. I only had my hair done and some of my clothes. I wore sweatpants over my shorts since it’s still winter (though officially it’s Spring) and I nearly forgot my staff! Thankfully my boyfriend noticed and questioned where it was.

Enough talking. Here are some pictures from PAX.

Throughout the entire time in PAX East, many people were telling me how amazing my cosplay was. I was in complete denial at the time and I didn’t believe them. After seeing all the pictures of me afterwards, I can say that yeah it WAS amazing. I would say the same to anyone else who was in my shoes.

Also, for the first time, I participated in a cosplay contest. I was at the Harmonics Booth, waiting in line to play Dance Central 3 with one of my friends who I haven’t seen in a year, but kept in touch through facebook. We met in PAX East last year (2012) and somehow we’re still connected lol. He was a Dance Central champ though haha. Anyways, a woman tapped my shoulder and said I should partake in a cosplay contest that was happening at Mad Catz which was right next door and that I should partake in it. I was like sure why not? Here’s the video they shot of the contest.

I won a really nice pair of headset. Let’s just say they aren’t in the market yet.

Here are some single shots of me

HextechJanna 883654_10150304463199980_626248220_o

I’ve also search throughout the internet to find more photos of myself. I know there are some out there since many people stopped me to take a picture of/with me. I just want to see more! I worked really hard on this cosplay and I’m quite proud of my corset lol.

I DID manage to find a picture of me that wasn’t taken by my friends.

Credit to Coanmenell

If you do find a picture of me, PLEASE let me know!

I can now stop working on this cosplay. I’m completely satisfied with the quality.

UPDATE 3/27/13:

I found MORE pictures of me!!!!

 photo DSC_0023.jpg

 photo DSC_0073.jpg
 photo DSC_0074.jpg
 photo DSC_0051.jpg
 photo DSC_0118.jpg


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