Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Progress Pictures

I haven’t really updated my progress photos nor taken as many as I did in the beginning. I hope this will help someone else who wants to something similar in terms of the staff or making a corset. If you want any further explanations, feel free to ask. I’ll answer to the best of my ability 🙂


4 responses to “Cosplay Hextech Janna – WIP: Progress Pictures

  1. Hiii~
    So I want to say that you are awesome *^* I love your cosplays, they are so pretty! I want to do Janna Hextech to… Its my first cosplay and I’d like some help please… There are some staff I didn’t understand how to do and I’m only 14 years old… I really hope you can help me, if you can ^^

    Have a nice day anyway :3

  2. Hey there!
    One question, did u buy the corset or did u just make it urself? If yes, how did you do that? Because I want to cosplay Hextech Janna too at next year’s gamescom and I just started and my wig is coming soon and I’m really looking forward to it :3
    Although I’m a little clueless about where to buy or make the corset and also the blouse (I searched like the whole internet and couldn’t find a similar one XD)
    Sooo, your help is very appreciated :> (Btw, I dont have Facebook, so unfortunatly you have to answer here some times 😦 )

    Regards! ^_^

    • Hi Anica,

      I made my corset and there are many posts in my blog has all the information on how I made it 🙂

      As for the blouse, I just bought a button down shirt and rolled up the sleeves lol.

      Feel free to ask for more help if you need it!

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