Cosplay Vi: Planning

Hey guys!

Since I’ve finished my Hextech Janna cosplay from League of Legends and am quite satisfied with the quality, I’ve decided to set it down and move on to my next cosplay.

This time I’ll be cosplaying Vi from League of Legends. Here’s the splash art of her.


I hope to get this done by PAX East 2014. I know a lot of cosplayers can crank out two or three cosplays in that time frame, but I really don’t have the time, experience, materials, or machinery to do that. Mostly it’s because of time. I’ve already ordered the wig and shorts for the cosplay. I got good base shoes that I can use for everyday wear (and I love it a lot) for Vi’s shoes which I got at Goodwells for $7. It was amazing that no one found those shoes so I felt really lucky.

I’ve already started working on her gantlets by making cardboard prototypes/templates. To get the right proportions I took a screen shot of Vi’s model and measured her gauntlet with her head and then measured my head to base it off her proportions. The curves were done by hand and the circle was estimated as close to the game model as possible. My only concern with this is that it might be too small. My friends who play the game says otherwise, so I’ll have to trust their judgement.


Might not do too much process in the future as it’s the last 2 weeks of my school and I’ll be graduating (hopefully) this year.


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