Update, Promises, and Cosplay

Wow It’s been a year since I last updated this blog. I’m extremely thrilled that my Hextech Janna Staff Tutorial has been put to use by fellow cosplayers. I’ve brought this blog back from the dead due to a deal I made with a friend I met recently at MIT Mini Maker Faire. If you got the time, you should totally check out her blog at Cynaesthetics!

I’ve been regularly using my Facebook page to update all my cosplays. I’ve now added a link to my menu so you can get there and see all the amazing collaboration between me and various photographers. I’ve done so many things since my last blog post, it’s hard to put every single construction detail into one post. Instead, I’ll make a list of all the cosplays I’ve done since and do my best to update the blog to the best of my abilities.

Another Anime Convention 2013: Kennen and Nightmare Moon 1.0
Super Megafest 2013: White China from Arrow
Anime Boston 2014: Amber from Sucker Punch, Hextech Janna 2.5, and Magnet Luka
PAX East 2014: Amethyst Ashe
Rock Comic Expo 2014: Nightmare Moon 1.5
Hartford Comic Con 2014: Mulan 1.0
Otakon 2014: Genderbent Pool Party Lee Sin, Amber from Sucker Punch
Granite State Comic Con: Mulan 1.5

I’m kind of excited and kind of apprehensive starting my blog back up, but I did make a promise and I intend to keep it. There will be newer updates soon so at least I’ll have some content to provide. If you want to check out more of my images, feel free to go to my Facebook page and browse.


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