Psylocke at New York Comic Con 2014

Constructing Psylocke

This past weekend I went to NYCC 2014 as Psylocke from X-Men. I started the outfit last Monday and finished it Wednesday with a total build of 8 hours. The cosplay was extremely simple to make but I kept putting it off because I was intimidated by her leotard since I never sewed anything like it before. I used 4-way strech spandex fabric for the entire cosplay and satin fabric that I got from Walmart for her sash.

Since I didn’t have a bathing suit at hand to copy for the leotard, I grabbed a close-fit tank top and a pair of underwear. Taking both items inside out and folded it in half lengthwise, I was able to make a quick pattern. I trusted my instincts and drew and cut it on the fabric without testing it at all. Fortunately any small mistakes you make is very forgiving on stretch fabrics.

IMG_1551Since I have an extremely old sewing machine, I could only do straight or zig-zag stitch. So for me, I used the zig-zag stitch to retain some of the stretch in the fabric. I sewed the front and back of the leotard together and finished the edges with this stitch.IMG_1558IMG_1555IMG_1557I had to take in the sides to account for some of the curves I had so that the fabric would be less wrinkly on my body. I then added a zipper in the back for me to get in and out of the leotard. During this process though, I did not account for my butt and thus my zipper wasn’t long enough for me to get in and out easily. I struggled to get into the leotard, but the end result of the leotard on my body was definitely worth it. One thing you also want to note: If you are struggling to get into the leotard, watch out for the sewing on your sides because it can rip as you are trying to get in. You should double up the thread on the sides to keep it from breaking. I’ve had this happen to me in numerous spots on my leotard and had to fix it by sewing over that area two or three times.

The next part was the arm things. Those were relatively straight forward. I just drew the pattern from a close-fitting long sleeve shirt, added some length to it to account for any errors and cut the parts for the hand portion of the sleeve. I don’t have any images of this to show though.

Then were the boot covers. I cut up the pair of shoes I used to use for Hextech Janna  which had never been used since. At first I wanted to just remove the top flap, but then I realized it wouldn’t look good because it wasn’t close to my skin, so I cut it to ankle boot length. I used this tutorial to make the pattern (again directly on the fabric), sewed the pieces together, and hot glued it to the shoe. Make sure that if you are covering the heel, that you glue it to the heel as well since the fabric will rip at the bottom of the heel due to wear and tear.

IMG_1559IMG_1561The straps are extremely easy to make. If you made long enough sleeves or boot covers, just cut off the top parts, reinforce the sewing and cut to size.

The sash was a really rush job. I took two yards of 45″ wide satin fabric, cut it to probably 8″ wide, folded in half and sewed the right sides together on three sides. Then turning it inside out, I sewed the last side together. (with blue thread. You should probably use red thread lol)


I worked on Friday as Extreme Costume‘s helper. He was the reason I could go to NYCC. In exchange for a pass, I would work for him by helping him get in and out of his cosplays, made sure he was well hydrated, taken care of, and handled the crowd of people that wanted to take pictures of him as Bumblebee.

On Saturday and Sunday I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted while Dollicious Cosplay took over the work I was doing since I was her substitute on Friday. So I decided to make and wear Psylocke. I got a couple of photoshoots and even got my picture taken by someone from Marvel and a writer of Fantastic 4 which was extremely astounding since they came over to me and asked for a picture.

On Sunday I nabbed a few things for myself. I got a cat squishable plush the size of a pillow, a poro hat (poro from League of Legends), and two prints. (One was an image of poros, and the other is an original artwork by an amazing artist).

Here are some pictures of me as Psylocke!


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