Nico Robin from One Piece


Last year at Connecticon 2015, I made Nico Robin from One piece as a duo cosplay to Dollicious’s Nami.

At the time I just started watching One Piece and haven’t gotten to the part where they encountered Nico. I felt a bit embarrassed when I cosplayed her and couldn’t figure out how to portray her at all. I tried my best tho! ^o^/

There were a lot of resources online and references of the character so I didn’t have to imagine much in terms of design.

I decided to use more sturdy and breathable fabrics than what most other cosplayers used because it was going to be hot when I wear this. I decided on a blue denim-sort of fabric, found the perfect pink linen, and green linen, all found at Joanns. The other decorative portions of the cosplay came from my fabric scrap box.

I patterned my top based on a denim cropped jacket I had in my closet. I roughly got the pattern and modified it to fit the design. I didn’t make a mock up which was my biggest mistake as it came out imperfect. As you can probably see, I had to make impromptu darts around the chest area. Didn’t come out clean at all, but it did the job and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of making another top. The zipper was long enough to match the original design, but I had to cut it short because I had modified the top so that the two ends of the fabric couldn’t connect over my bust (I wore Victoria’s Secret Add 2 Cups bra). Overall, the construction was horrendous.

The skirt was made from (I think) two yards of the pink linen fabric, no cutting needed whatsoever. I didn’t carefully measure it out though so there was just barely enough fabric for me to make a knot at the side of my hips. The fringes were added by just tediously unraveling the fabric and then sewing the fabric down so it couldn’t unravel anymore once the length was to my liking.

I didn’t get a large enough green linen fabric to make one gigantic leaf so I had to pattern it to make one half of the leaf (look how many mistakes I made on this cosplay lol) and then flipped it over to get the other half. The flowers were hand patterned based on reference images and thankfully came out great. They were all adhered on with fusing fabric.

It was my first time using fusible fabric and I don’t think I did that well of a job. By the end of the convention, some of the details started peeling off. If wanted to wear this cosplay again, I’d have to sew down the edges.

I got the sunglasses from ebay and the wig was a front-lace wig from Arda that I bought when they had a sale.

Overall easy to wear cosplay, but I made so many mistakes on the way.


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